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Polished Concrete

Ideal For Residential And Commercial Environments. Polished Concrete has etched its way into history as sustainable, low-maintenance flooring option in just about every segment of the market. No longer reserved for high-end homes and buildings, polished concrete is now affordable for anyone who wants a sleek, easy-to-care-for floor.
Polished concrete is created using concrete with chemical densifiers added to it, which fill the holes and pores in the concrete. The poured concrete is then finished with a progressively fine diamond polishing tools until a level of sheen and smoothness is achieved.


Polished Concrete Types

Mechanically Polished Concrete
Mechanically Polished Concrete is generally best suited for indoor purposes. It is extremely low maintenance.

• Premium finish
• Slip resistant
• Not prone to staining
• Aesthetically impressive
• Low Maintenance
• Responds well to ambient lighting

Grind And Seal

A slightly different version of polished concrete and in some cases offers a lower cost point. You have the flexibility of choosing how much of the stone you wish to see exposed.

• Lower cost point
• Low maintenance
• Flexibility – matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finish
• Slip resistance

Honed Finish
The Honed Concrete finish is recommended for outdoor concrete surfaces. Examples include; outdoor social areas, footpaths, driveways, patios, pool surrounds and more. With a Honed finish the sealer does not remain on the surface, it is actually absorbed into the concrete. You can also choose the level of exposure to suite.

• Ideal for outdoor use
• Non slip option
• Social outdoor areas, footpaths, driveways patios, pool surrounds and more
• Exposure level options


Polished Concrete Advantages

Polished concrete can be a low-maintenance flooring option with an extremely low-cost lifecycle compared to other floor coverings.
What Are the Benefits?

• Reflective and decorative;
• Flatness of the floor;
• Quality and durability;

• Hygienic, easy to clean and maintain;
• Resistant to wear, spills, oils and       dusting;
• Withstands tough use;
• Environmentally friendly.


Polished Concrete Disadvantages

The floor surface is hard. While the strength and durability of this material surface is great, some consumers report that the surface is very hard, so it won’t cushion or “give” under feet. Despite some common misconceptions, it does not look or feel cold.

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